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About us

Welcome to FABULOUS ENGINEERING LIMITED [FEL], Zambia's largest and most advanced modern precision engineering firm. We provide superior engineering solutions of any scale and are committed to delivering a highly professional and comprehensive service to our customers ensuring complete satisfaction. Our MD, Mr. Mehmudbhai Patel, Industry thought leader in Mechanical Engineering issues, Vast experience as a Senior Field Engineer with major resource companies in the African region. He has over 25 years of experience having founded two other engineering firms in Lusaka, Zambia and has trained many with a good range of skills. With this extensive insight and industry knowledge, coupled with the finest infrastructure and most advanced machinery, we are best placed to offer you accurate consultation and fast results to your complete satisfaction.


We promise to deliver world class engineering services and solutions that exceed customer expectations while earning equitable returns needed to sustain our welfare and environmental surroundings.

Our aim is "Engineering Success" meaning we always have your best interest in mind.

Management and staff at FEL subscribe and commit themselves to the following values:

  • Respect the rights of all clients and employees
  • Never breach the confidentiality of a client
  • Operate in a non-discriminatory and non-partisan manner
  • Promote transparency and avoid favoritism, corruption and conflict of interest
  • Operate in a manner which will reflect our integrity and honesty